We Try Harder...

we deliver wholesale pine straw

We Try Harder...

All straw is created equal.
Customer service is not. 
​​​​​​​We try harder...

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What are the bale dimensions?
  Our bales are roughly 14x14x28

How many bales come in a shipment?
We offer 2 shipment sizes. They are: 
  48 foot trailer = 1260 bales 
  53 foot trailer = 1386 bales

What is the spread area per bale? 
Depending upon the thickness of spread a bale will cover approx. 50 square feet

How fast can I expect delivery? 
Delivery time depends on the location of delivery and current weather. Most deliveries are made within 24 hours of intial order.

Where do you deliver? 
We offer delivery to all areas. Delivery charges vary.

When can I place an order? 
Orders are accepted 24/7. 866-385-5001 or via our customer support portal at www.delivermystraw.com

Do you lease pine straw fields? 
Yes, we do. Please submit a ticket at www.delivermystraw.com to start a conversation on this subject.


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